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Automotive Influencer Report 2023

Created in collaboration with, a global car magazine and the first YouTube motor channel in Italy, the Automotive Influence Report aims to analyze the state of the art of Influence Marketing in the automotive industry.

It contains rankings of the top influencers in both Italy and Spain Market for each social network (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube) based on Engagement Rate.

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Who are the leading automotive influencers in italy and spain?

Using our proprietary PLUS platform, we identified and analyzed thousands of Automotive Influencer profiles in the Italy and Spain markets and ranked them by Engagement Rate.


Today, the automotive industry represents one of the leading market in terms of investments in influencer marketing., global automotive magazine and the first motoring YouTube channel in Italy, and its knowledge in the automotive industry combines with Flu’s expertise in Influence Marketing to produce an in-depth analysis and a ranking of the most influential profiles in the industry.

the role of plus

Automotive influencer profiles featured in the report were identified from a database of more than 120 Million profiles worldwide using Flu’s PLUS technology.

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